Wu Wei Art and Design

Wu Wei Art and Design ... Art with a touch of Zen
The main concept of my work is creating things that are focused around the experience and feeling of total inner peace. With this venture I am offering my artwork, which is inspired by my quest for knowledge, understanding of the mystery of life, balance and inner peace, going with the natural flow of life and existence in general. Call it ... "Art for the Spirit" ... if you will.

I am very much inspired by nature and by things of simple and quiet beauty. But mostly, my inspiration comes from being at peace, the right flow of Qi and finding balance. Some people would describe this as being totally "Zen". While Wu-Wei is a Taoist concept and Zen more of a Buddhist term, they both refer to the idea that we should aim for the goal of harmony and balance at all times. In fact, Taoist and Buddhist belief have lived in harmony together for a long time.

Whatever the origin, going with the natural flow of existence involves dropping all the illusions that we are living and seeing things naturally, without outside distortion. From this point of view my designs are born.

Wu Wei Art and Design ...? What can I find here?
Art has many aspects. For every single person on this planet, there is a different feeling and interpretation of art. It is a means of personal expression of the gifts and innate qualities that this life has bestowed upon you. In my case, there are a couple of ways that I use to express my gifts.

On the Wu Wei Art and Design site you will find the following items:

Paintings ...
Inspired by nature and how we should admire it's beauty in even the smallest detail.

Interior design services ...
The same concept of balance and inner peace can be translated into how our living environment is organized.

Custom made and standard jewelry and accessories ... One of the things that I enjoy profoundly, is making jewelry. I offer customized statement pieces, but also more simple and standard accessories.

Custom made bridal jewelry and accessories ...
I have a very special place in my heart for bridal jewelry. I would love to contribute to that special day with a beautiful piece of jewelry, created just for you.

Please feel free to visit any one of the galleries to view my work. And if any of the pieces has aroused your curiosity, or if you wish to purchase these, go to the contacts page. I hope to hear from you soon ...!

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